This past week will remain in Kenya’s memorial gallery as the week of change. 

It will live in infamy. 

Our beloved President Ruto has repeatedly talked about transformation. This past week he witnessed transformation first hand… and ouch! What a lesson it was!

I belong to the baby boomer generation. Some of my children are millennials. Some are the Generation Zee.

Change came to town as the new kids in the block took to the streets countrywide. 

No one had seen it coming. Former President Uhuru had warned of the demographic bulge and what it portends. Who listened. Three years ago we went to polls and voted in the same old geezers. Corruption and looting contnued unabated. 

Journalist Mutuma Mathiu wrote the following in Saturday’s  Daily Nation: “The passion and fearless confrontation of the-powers-that-be as they demonstrated on Tuesday and Wednesday has changed many people’s minds about the Gen Zs. There is a new respect for a demographic that many regarded as spineless, indecisive, irresolute and addicted to the “soft life”

Haya ona sasa! You unleashed the hustlers. They are now baying for blood. Too late. The genie is out. You cannot bottle it nor confine it any longer!

I am reminded of the epic movie `Ben-Hur’ (1959) where Stephen Boyd as Messala says to Charlton Heston as Judah Ben-Hur:

`It goes on. It goes on, Judah. The race… the race… is not… over!’’

No it is not over. Certainly not. 

Cry, my beloved country!

JPR Ochieng’-Odero is a scientist, author, playwright, blogger, and 

beekeeper, all rolled into one!

*-pained and mourning the loss of innocent young lives in the events of Black Tuesday 25th June, 2024-

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