Enjoying peace, serenity and tranquility at Maanzoni Lodge. It is ages since I was last here. It was then a far much smaller establishment, but with a never-ending stream of guests for this or the other meeting, or to just escape the maddening buzz of Nairobi.

The place has been transformed to a luscious beauty full of colourful plants and trees, all carefully selected and planted. It is amazing to see how they survive in this almost semi-arid conditions. It reminds me of its owner, the sharp and talented entrepreneur Chris Musau who I had the pleasure of meeting in the late 70s. I was introduced to him and his younger brother Musau Mwania by my late cousin, Capt. Edward Mwinzi Kithoi.

Maanzoni charms. It has a way of letting you in and make you relax. Everybody here is purposeful and busy, in a casual and friendly way. With Maanzoni, Chris got it right. It is a place to relax as well as reflect. That’s what I need. A place to retreat to during this Lenten period and consider what is it that I need to clean up, redesign and adopt as my “Charge” for for the rest of 2024.

One item floored me. I was simply amazed by the well designed bathroom of the room I was checked in. The bathroom appears seamless, no restrictive doors and a functional sitting apparatus that can be used during bathing. I actually took a shower sitting. Very appropriate in my recently discovered “old age” status.

Kudos Chris! It goes further to prove that ex-Nairobi School fellows are delivering successful some very catalytic transformative development outputs. I leave here very energised and retuned.

Sasa mbele iko sawa kabisa!


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