One of the most scariest moments in my life happened around about 2014.

The place: Office retreat at Moi South Road, Naivasha

The incident: Charging Hippo

After an excellent day of hiking and bonding at Hell’s Gate canyons, we retreated for an early dinner and a beer. The lodge had very clear instructions. Don’t wander back to your rooms without a warden in escort. For some reason, we could not locate any at their waiting bay. Impatiently, I and some foreign youth, having scouted the dusky horizon decided to stroll to our rooms…. 

The air is still, then a deep snort followed by a scream and desperate scampering. I fall among some cacti then leap over someone as the beast’s eyes, its mouth full of lush vegetation and the massive torso brush me aside… 

We make it safely to the lounge. I, trembling and as sober as I have never been…

~JPR’s musings on the `ifs’ and `not’s’ of life~

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