The transition of Hon. Simeon Nyachae hurls me back to the 1984. I have read his autobiography `Walking Through the Corridors of Service’. Fascinating life. But you need to read `African Successes: Four Public Managers of Kenyan Rural Development’ by  David K. Leonard and published by the University of California Press in 1991. In this innovative study, Leonard illustrates the way public policy is made and implemented in Kenya by focusing on four public officials who have had a great impact on rural development. He skillfully weaves his analyses of Kenya’s political, economic, and administrative systems into evocative biographical portraits of Charles Karanja, General Manager of the Kenya Tea Development Authority, Harris Mule, administrative head of Finance and Planning, Ishmael Muriithi, head of the Veterinary Department, and Simeon Nyachae, Cabinet Secretary and chief of the Civil Service.
A worthy read. There was time when things worked like clock work in Kenya…

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