Back to Nairobi after last night’s frantic dash to the airport at Kisumu. 

The ticket had indicated an 8.20 p.m. departure time. My intelligence chief at the airport curtly told me there was no such a flight. The last Jambojet flight would be at 7.10 p.m. I did not believe what I was being told. So I continued imbibing with friends Albert and Dave. 

You see, we had just driven back from Nyakach Agoro where we had gone to bid earthly farewell to Mzee Justus, a renowned educationist in the region and father-in-law to Godfrey and Robert. The sun had been hot and Kisumu town was full of energetic pulses. I was thirsty and hungry. The sad news of the transition of singer Achieng’ Abura was all in our minds. Dave was full of interesting anecdotes of our past life at Patch (Nairobi School) and his mid-eighties swing to international celebrity status. 

You see, this man Dave, or DAO as I often call him, is a curious offspring of our species. He is well known for his professional trade as an insurance marketer. But what the upcoming generation may not know is that this man has far more depth than that. The cinema ad business. You see Dave had starred in a very famous Embassy Kings advert, wearing an impeccable white suit, sitting opposite a dashing lady who was also clad in white. The two were imbibing and smoking on the slopes of Ngong’ Hills, overlooking the Rift Valley. 

The whole camera shots were done in the dim of the African sunset. You must recall this advert. It ran in cinema halls for a long time. Whenever I would see the reel, I would feel proud that I personally knew this son of Kendu Bay and my former housemate at school. But I must admit I was both jealous and curious. 

You see, this man had no acting experience whatsoever. How did he land such a superb and glamorous role?

Yesterday, in the presence of my better-half, budding filmmaker son Philip, music teacher Albert, and a friend, Dave finally let the cat out of the bag. 

His moustache. Yes, the hairy crop on his upper lip. 

You see, the man has always spotted one, giving him some unique scintillating mysterious personality. He told us how he was approached by a total stranger one fine day whilst pacing the streets of Nairobi. The man excitedly looked at him and asked him to consider casting for a part in a cinema ad. Dave is one who never hesitates. He followed the fellow to some studio and took on the role and the rest is history. 

What a story! I was full of glowing wonderment when reality sank in. It was 6.30 p.m. and I was in the middle of town. If it wasn’t for the encouragement of my better half and the driving ingenuity of son Philip, plus the fact that my God had instructed my protector angel to clear the traffic, I would not have made it. 

I slept like a log throughout the flight. But my, oh my, what a story! A real memorable trip to Luo Nyanza that weekend. 


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